MiMo buildings can be found all over Miami Beach. Many fine examples are also scattered throughout the Greater Miami area. But the best way to discover this mid-century architectural treasure trove is to explore the four MiMo historic districts in Miami Beach: the North Shore and Normandy Isles districts, which are in the National Register of Historic Places, and the North Beach Resort and the Morris Lapidus/Mid 20th Century districts, both designated historic on the local level.


The North Shore District and Normandy Isles District — located within North Beach, the City of Miami Beach's northernmost neighborhood — feature the city's largest, most cohesive concentration of MiMo garden-style apartments and modest tourist lodgings.


The North Beach Resort District and the Morris Lapidus/Mid 20th Century District, which run along Collins Avenue, lay claim to Miami Beach's glamorous oceanfront resort hotels.


  • Normandy Isles
  • North Beach Resort
  • Morris Lapidus / Mid 20th Century